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Southern California


Savidge Explorer's Co. is a casual adventure brand designed and printed in California. We specialize in men's and women's clothing that supports a particular cause or non profit.  

About the Brand

Savidge Apparel is composed of Jake Savage and Connor Davidge.  Jake is from DC and Connor is from LA.  Cousins and best friends, they have spent time traveling the world together and each have spent time traveling to Central and South America, and Jake has gone all over Eastern Europe as well.  After seeing so many impoverished children throughout their travels, they committed themselves to doing what they could to change that.  They also loved to surf, skate and snowboard, and wondered if there was a possible way of giving people something they think is awesome, while also making a difference in the world.  They have grown up living in a generation more globally minded than ever, but also more consumeristic than ever.  Many organizations have given it their all to try to get people to care, and we are in full support of this. These organizations often lack a solid product, and at Savidge, we have the privilege to design a solid product, through doing we love to do. By supporting Savidge from the beginning, you will help them with what they need in order to establish partnerships with orphanages abroad, while also buying something that you really like and will enjoy wearing. We encourage you to look for opportunities where you can do the same.  Walk with us.

The What, How, and Why for Savidge.