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Southern California


Savidge Explorer's Co. is a casual adventure brand designed and printed in California. We specialize in men's and women's clothing that supports a particular cause or non profit.  



September Story - "The Big Orange"

Connor Davidge

You know when you enter a place that is completely unfamiliar? I’d like to think that this is vulnerability at its best work. I’d also like to think that this is simply life at its best work. Plans are pointless because when you travel, spontaneity is king. Diets are broken, relationship is real, beauty is found. This is what I along with three friends experienced in our week living on the road in a giant orange van in Iceland.

This week was a week of so many things. 

IMG_2732 (1).jpg

It was a week of riding along secluded roads having everyone stare at us as we looked at them through the windows of our glorious, bright orange camper van. Bigger than we expected, we could have lived in that thing for the rest of our lives. It was being brave and willing to try new things. Whether that was walking under waterfalls or tasting Iceland’s deep love for black licorice. It was a week of not showering and only brushing our teeth in the gas station bathrooms, or wash closets, as they call it. It was living off of REI’s freeze-dried meals and Icelandic hot dogs (this isn’t a complaint here). It was not having cell phone service and relying on a paper map that came in the back of a pocket travel book. It was the constant feeling of wind in your face, a.k.a, it was freedom at its best. It was hot springs, sulfur pits, and the most beautiful waterfalls one has ever seen. It truly felt like a glimpse of heaven. 


It was a week letting go - of all our previous expectations, plans, selfish desires. We learned that when traveling with others, it’s as best a time to practice selflessness than any other. In order to be a good travel companion. I think that road trips in a foreign land like this can teach you a lot. It teaches you about yourself but it also teaches you about others. It teaches you that you really didn’t need to plan ahead, because it will always work out in the end. But I think the thing that I learned most from our week in Iceland was that the world is so big. It gave me comfort to know that a place so mystical, so kind, so warm despite the cold weather exists. Iceland was a cold, blonde, wide-open, Ikea-like dreamland.

Strike Mission at Stevens Pass

Connor Davidge

I’m a big proponent for weekends to be time to get out and experience places you love and places you want to see. So when there's an opportunity to go somewhere new, I try to hop on it as quickly as I can. A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested that I come to Seattle to visit him to ski. I thought about it for a little while, thinking it's kind of crazy to do that for just a quick trip. It only took a few minutes really thinking about it to convince myself to pull the trigger. I'm glad I was easily convinced.


On Friday I left from Sacramento and flew into Seattle. It only took a few hours before I was picked up from the airport and looking at the lights coming off the Space Needle, Amazon buildings, and the rest of the bustling lights of a city nightscape. My friend from high school, Michael, had picked me up and gave me a quick tour as we headed to his apartment. We were straight to bed and ready to brace the 5:30 am alarm to head to the snow the next morning.


Michael makes fun of me for how excited I was about the sunrise driving up to the mountains that morning. I couldn't help it, I was a kid in a candy store. The snow capped mountains climbed straight up into the sky and were glowing with cotton candy pinks, burning reds and yellows, and highlighted with a light blue of the sky. I probably took too many pictures through the windshield, but like I said, I couldn't help it.


We spent the day skiing at Stevens pass, a relatively small mountain compared to Rainier or Baker, but a great mountain, at the least. All of the mountains through the area seemed to almost stand straight up, like a flat wall of rock and snow. Standing on the ridge looking straight down to the bottom, you could already feel your legs start to burn before you even dropped in.


The drive back was pretty similar to the drive up, Michael was making fun of me the entire drive through the mountains. He was generous enough to pull off and let me grab some pictures. That night we enjoyed a well deserved burger and beer and were in bed early to get enough rest for me to catch my 9 am flight the next morning. 24 hours in Washington, quick, but well worth it. "

- Brady Nations , SAVIDGE Storyteller (

Winter Collection

Connor Davidge

At Savidge - we're small enough to make each individual design with a purpose, and that is why we wanted to go into greater detail about what exactly they mean to us.  Scroll down to take a look at our new winter collection.

"Camping N' Stuff"

Our "Camping N' Stuff" Design  speaks to our love for camping and also the idea of going on a non specific adventure.  Often times it's the experiences that we have while camping, maybe a walk through the woods, gathering around a fire with close friends, and just that general bond you get with people when you in awe of something greater. Available as Women's Tee, Men's Crewneck Sweatshirt, and Kids Crewneck Sweatshirt.


"Explore Wild Seas"  

This simple design was built to inspire the courageous to sail, to surf, or by whatever means get out and experience the ocean.  Available in Men's Tee, Women's Tee, and Men's Sweatshirt




Bison, commonly mistaken for a buffalo, are representative of American & Native American culture.  They have been apart of this land long before we were here, and our a national symbol of America. Available in Men's Pocket Tee.


"Road Trip"

Some of the best days of our life happen when we accept spontaneity.  We don't always have this option, and sometimes they come best when we've had a lot of hard work days before it.  But one thing is for sure, we enjoy exploring and seeing foreign places, both new and old.   Available as Women's Baseball Tee.


"Drink the Wild Air"

Drink the Wild Air is derived from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson which says, "Breathe in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink the Wild Air." We love that because it encompasses what Savidge is all about.  We want to encourage people to experience this as well.  Available as Men's Tee.

These are just the newest designs - we've had a lot of new designs and variations that have come about over the past few months so click below to visit our shop!

Icelandic Road Trip

Connor Davidge

       What's it like to spend 10 Days on a Road Trip around the whole country of Iceland? We interviewed Charlie Keating to ask about his trip with his buddy, Madison Gesser.  Read on..

      What's it like to spend 10 Days on a Road Trip around the whole country of Iceland? We interviewed Charlie Keating to ask about his trip with his buddy, Madison Gesser.  Read on..

1. You did it.  You completed a road trip around the whole country Iceland.  Why Iceland?  What peaked your interest before going?

Iceland has been atop my list of places to travel ever since I started seeing Chris Burkard’s images and video of Iceland. I was mesmerized by the landscapes and I had to see it for myself.

2.  Give us a typical day to day routine.

We would wake up around 10am and book our next hostel for the night. We would then drive to 2 or 3 spots that we wanted to see and spend the day there. After that we would make dinner and go back out for sunset around 11pm.

3. What surprised you most about the country of Iceland?

The accessibility to the beautiful places surprised me the most. I thought it would be a lot of long hikes and terrible roads to get to these landmarks, but most were right off the road. It was much easier to do than I thought it was going to be.


4.  Give us a little insight into your photography experience into Iceland.  (Was this helpful for you in terms of getting more experience? Was it a relatively easy place to shoot? Any challenges?)

Iceland is a photographer's dream. It has insane landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls, and weather permitting it has some beautiful light. We were lucky enough to see the sun about everyday which made the experience that much better.


5. It's obvious that the country has a variety of spectacles quite different than just about any other country.  What's the one spot that is going to stick with you now that your back home?

Skogafoss was my favorite spot. I’ve seen endless pictures of the waterfall there, but none of them compare to actually seeing it in person. It is giant and powerful and the hike above the waterfall is also beautiful. I won't forget that place anytime soon.

6.  Who would you recommend Iceland to?

I'd recommend Iceland to anyone who wants to be fully submersed in nature without the crazy crowds that most of the other countries in the world have. Almost anyone can handle Iceland (during the summer months), but only a select few can handle it in the winter. I’m hoping to go back in the winter in the near future to see what it’s all about.

7. Who would you not recommend Iceland to?

Someone who doesn’t like being outside should not go to Iceland. Just about everyone else would love it.

8.  After doing a road trip like this where are you off to next? Any place on your mind?

Next I hope to go to Thailand sometime soon, or maybe Panama. Not sure where I will end up but I know I will be traveling again soon.

Check out more images at!

The Art of Traveling

Connor Davidge


What is it about traveling that seems to engage all of us? There is  something innate about our hearts that gravitates towards it.  It is no doubt an instant conversation starter.  Just telling someone you're about to go somewhere seems to literally light them up more than anything else.  Whenever someone tells me their going somewhere, I get this warm feeling inside and a huge part of me wants to jump on the trip with them.  Why?  Let's look at what traveling creates

NO PRESSURE - When you travel you are away from Pressure: Perhaps more than anything travel can be a release from what you currently are going through.  It serves a good purpose that we all need time and time again: rest.  

EXPOSURE -Travel exposes you and tests you.  From the beginning you have to rely on other people to get where you want.   At any point anything could happen and you could be in deep trouble.  And that's alright.  In certain ways, that's what we want.

YOU - Travel defines you.:  I have never come back from a trip and felt a lack of confidence or timid.  It has always allowed me to see what I'm made of.  Even if it doesn't feel like much, you feel like you've accomplished something great.  In short, in fuels and inspires us.

ALIVE - Travel always seems to give me a new sense of mind.  Even if I know back home will overwhelm me,  I come at it with a new joy.  Traveling gives us purpose.

In our generation, people have developed an obsession with travelling.  It's probably one of the best obsessions you can have, but it's also important to gain something from those experiences.   What we should be learning: 

SMALL - You're small.  You're super small. Just because you jut got back from climbing Macchu Picchu doesn't mean that you are more significant than someone who wasn't able to do that.  Traveling should make us more aware that 1) We all are significant 2)Other people are just as  significant as us. Not more, not less.

CONNECTION - Everything affects everything.  US policy affects Colombian policy which affects trade to Mozambique which affects oil prices Yemen which affects Russia war policy which affects art in Paris.  Probably not in that order and there were probably a lot of things in the middle.  

COMMITMENT - Traveling may not scream "Commitment"  but it exposes us to other's committed lives all around the world. It exposes us to the often forgotten fact that there is joy in commitment.  I remember when I was in Uruguay hitchhiking a few years back, I got picked up twice by the same family of 4. In that moment, I wished I was around my family and friends, people that I knew and could relate with.  They probably never had left the country but they had each other.

CONTENT That family probably had more routine lives than me, but they were grateful. Ultimately that is more important - because it doesn't matter if you never leave a 10 mile radius or you're always going from one place to the next.  Are you grateful with what you have been given?