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Southern California


Savidge Explorer's Co. is a casual adventure brand designed and printed in California. We specialize in men's and women's clothing that supports a particular cause or non profit.  

Eastern Europe

*We are in the process of transitioning from giving 3$ a shirt to creating separate projects for individual shirts. Stay tuned for a change coming in January 2015.

Chișinău, București, Тирасполь, Orhei... These cities may seem foreign, but they are real nonetheless.  Jake knows them like the back of his hand.  Jake spent over four months in these cities. Enough time to begin to understand their way of life. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, these cities have dealt with extreme poverty and incredibly difficult times.  Many of the parents have left in order to find better economic circumstances. Others have simply found life to be easier without the burden of their children.  As a result, many of these cities are filled with orphans; some who love to play sports, some who love to breakdance, and some who love to simply be held.  

Below are a few pictures of Moldova and its people.