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Southern California


Savidge Explorer's Co. is a casual adventure brand designed and printed in California. We specialize in men's and women's clothing that supports a particular cause or non profit.  

Savidge Ambassadors // Visionaries (SAV)

The SAV (Savidge Ambassadors and Visionaries) Project: was born out of a desire first and foremost to see change, both within our world, and even within our business model.  Throughout the past year we have been struggling to find an efficient way of integrating our apparel line with our heart for helping the underprivileged meet their basic needs.  To say that it's easy would be dismissing the truth about the situation and would lead us to believe number one it's an easy problem to get rid of, and two that it's not really worth our attention in the first place. If we've learned one thing through this humbling experience, its recognizing that we can't take life or Savidge for granted.  We believe we have a purpose in doing what we're doing, and for lack of a better term - we want to exploit that purpose.  It's with joy that I lay out the plans we have for at least the next few months...

 Searching for Another Path : Through countless international development studies classes, combined with real experiences, Jake and Connor have had their fair share of encountering people trying to help with good intentions.  However sometimes good intentions and hard work don't cut it, sometimes we're in need of a fresh new idea.  We've seen and heard that sometimes we aren't trusted, maybe that can be said because we don't always have the best interest in mind.  That is why our Project focuses on the developing and empowering of individuals, rather than our work itself.  It's not to say that the original model never works, but i think when we see opportunities, to legitimize heroes, we need to take advantage of those.  Check out our visionaries below, to hear what plans they have for their country.  Our role: at their service...

Ambassadors:// Savidge Ambassadors are people who represent our active and adventurous lifestyle, and pursue that passion to the fullest.  Strangely enough, these advocates do not only live the Savidge lifestyle, but they make it what it is, recognizing that this life is not about what you get, but rather about what you give. We intend to work hand in hand with our Ambassadors in terms of using their place of prestige to speak about what we are doing, and also in terms of collaborating on our ideas.  Check our our growing list of Ambassadors @here. 

Visionaries:// Visionaries are the plants of our operation.  The coolest part about what we are doing is that we don't have to focus on this complicated idea of how we're going to help these people.  These people want to help themselves, and we've got someone with the hope and experience to encourage and help them through it.  All we are helping him with is the resource s to put these plans into action.  You could call it small business strategy, we'd prefer to call it, Savidge Supply.  We don't need to supply with parameters, we supply to provide.  

The Main IDEA:
Where are we, without visionaries, without ambassadors. Even with one gone, we are lost.  WE need both their collaboration and their support to be able to do what we do.  Basically, we will now have two different zones of shirts.  Most of our surf and skate photo tees, ones sold in stores, will still be sold under our Savidge line, and have 10 percent going to build up these missions.  However other shirts, we will actually feature in our SAV section of our shop, in which 50 % of the shirt goes there (ya we don't make any money).  But hey that's why we're here:)  Stranger days we've seen, but the desert skies illimuniate our eyes.