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Southern California


Savidge Explorer's Co. is a casual adventure brand designed and printed in California. We specialize in men's and women's clothing that supports a particular cause or non profit.  

Hands 4 Others Collaboration

10% of All Online Proceeds go towards bringing clean water to other countries.  

Latin America is both a land of natural wonders, and unnatural poverty.  The countries are sometimes rich in resources, but they often don't tell the story of exploitation and corruption that have inhibited them.  I have been fortunate enough to cover a large part of Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, Brazil, and Mexico.  Through my travels I served as witness to people with little opportunity.  Every day I think about going back, and with Savidge, I have the opportunity to actually help those who need advocates.   One of the biggest problems in the world is lack of clean water, and that is something that is entirely fixable.

The Water Crisis: 

-9 million people die every year from lack of clean water

- sanitation is virtually non- existent for 2.5 billion people ( 38% of the worlds population)

- many people build their lives around the collection of clean water

We are excited to play a part in providing clean water to underprivileged communities.

-Connor Davidge, Founder